Open Todo

  • implement default "unknown father" (& mother) - per:13, per:14
  • implement "OCCU". Category ( autmatic numbered) for Events - children of Persons ( parent-pages are per:###) 2012-08-30
  • implement "OCCU". Category ( autmatic numbered) for Events - children of families (parent-pages are fam:###) 2012-09-01
  • Implement "Source" Category ( atonumbered) for Documentation of the source of infos. - children of Persons ( or birth-source, death-source ?)
  • Implement "Image" category for Persons - children of Per: category
  • implement "TREE" - include of persons ?? - to build a better and deeper tree of genealogy
  • implement "Avatar" like mini-image for the Per: pages ( or an image to tag with avatar..
  • Impl. "_start" page to be a per: page and surround it with welcome imformation. 2012-06-21
  • Explain which pages are really neeed to use the genealogy templates..
  • The start page is better then the documentation now -
  • Children by father-id=Fullname and mother-id=fullame!
  • implement a log-file ( forum-categor< group for admns only

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