List of Dataform Templates
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Done with:

[[module CSS]]
.live-template-only .category_template {display: block !important;}
.live-template-only .no-data + .category_template {display: none !important;}

++ Live templates only:
[[div class="live-template-only"]]
[[module ListPages pagetype="hidden" category="* -_default -admin -system" separate="false"]]
[[div class="no-data"]]
[[div class="category%%name%%" style="display: none; border: 2px solid #000;"]]
+++ %%fullname%%
[[[%%fullname%%|%%fullname%%]]] - [[[http://%%site_domain%%/%%fullname%%/edit/true/noredirect/true| Direct edit]]]
[[div class="code"]]

Live templates only:

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