Gallery With Internal Images

This is the page to show a gallery with internal UPLOADED Images.


The idea

My idea is the usage of "data form" pages of category "image-int:" with autonumbering of the pages.
This pages have (using the "image-int:_template" page) as content only the:

  • File-name of the images (type=file),
    • Heading
    • Caption
    • Copyright notices
    • Author
    • Date ( of creation)
  • Descritpions
    • a button to add new external images
    • a tagcloud of all tags of the same category

And on such pages like here I use the ListPages Module to "simulate" a Gallery with minimized images ( like Thimbmails) as the overview off all the existing pages.
The Link of the pages leasds to the image page itself ( on an extra page) which shows the same Image in a Listpages module but with the Hammer-Navigator to the next image(=page) forward and backward in the category "image-int"

Add a new internal image(Upload)

Existing internal images

Empty Avatar


Beispiel Albert Einstein

Beispiel Einstein-2

Beispiel Albert Einstein Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


Done with code:

[[module ListPages category="image-int" separate="no" order="title" perpage="40"]]
[[div style="float:left;width:160px;heigth:200px;border:1px silver solid;"]]


[[image %%form_raw{image-file}%% width="120px" link="*%%link%%" title="%%title%%" alt="%%title%%" style="border: 1px solid silver; padding: 1em;" size="thumbnail"]]

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